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CHIC Hot Comb | Straightener & Curler

CHIC Hot Comb | Straightener & Curler

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Fast World-Wide Shipping

Fast shipping with immediate order confirmation and accurate live order tracking.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We feature a 30-day replacement policy for any factory defects and operational malfunctions. Just contact us on our "Contact" page and we will ship you a new unit or refund you completely!

Straighten or Curl

     Our versatile design and evenly distributed heating allows you to create smooth & straight hair or delicate & dimensional curls in a matter of seconds. Regardless of your hair type, the CHIC 2.0 will make your dream style a reality. 

Go Wireless

    Cables are annoying and get in the way. That's why our 2-in-1 device is battery-powered and portable, making it the perfect travel accessory. Fix your frizzy hair in seconds while on the go!

Control the Heat

Our CHIC 2.0 is adjustable between three different temperature settings so you can find the perfect heat level for the style you want. 

Stay Protected

   Our 360-degree anti-scolding design protects your skin from any burning or thermal irritation at virtually any angle. The CHIC 2.0 also comes with a protective guard for use after heating the device. 


Is It Safe For Hair?

Traditional hot irons get significantly hotter than the CHIC 2.0, causing unnecessary thermal damage to hair and producing inferior results in comparison. Our Hot Comb is also manufactured with much softer non-metal material to preserve hair vitality and avoid shocking hair fibers.

Will This Work Internationally?

Absolutely - The device features USB charging, so it is universally usable.

Can I Track My Order?

Of course! After payment, you will receive an email with tracking information along with a tracking number that you can also plug into our "Order Tracking" page.

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